The Purpose of Life: Discovery of the reality of God within yourself

God is your Father and you are his son — this is the true Gospel of Jesus!

The above message of salvation was proclaimed and taught by Jesus of Nazareth 2000 years ago. If you want to study the life and teachings of Jesus in detail, then you can do so by downloading the Fifth Epochal Revelation (see below).



Articles, Books and Facsimile Editions by Tigran Aivazian


  1. Truth resurrected (PDF), January 2012
  2. Воскрешение истины (PDF), January 2012
  3. Geometrical Nature of Mass and The Fifth Dimension of Kaluza-Klein Theory (PDF), October 2000 (but the actual discovery was made back in 1992)
  4. The Higher Dimensions of Space (PDF), March 2012
  5. The Number of Inhabited Worlds in Our Solar System (PDF), April 2012
  6. Cosmological Solution to Einstein-Vlasov System, 1996
  7. On the link between Schroedinger and Vlasov Equations, 1996

Books: edited, typeset and published

  1. The British Study Edition of the Urantia Papers: PDF Paperback Volume I | Paperback Volume II Source Code
  2. Linux Kernel 2.4 Internals, 2002
  3. Classical Armenian Bible, ed. Dr H. Zohrabian, aka "The Zohrab Bible"
  4. Hebrew Bible (Ginsburg-Aivazian Massoretico-Critical Edition)
  5. "4 in 1" Greek NT: PDF | Paperback
  6. Syriac-Latin Bible (Genesis-Ecclesiastes) based on the Walton Polyglot 1657
  7. Syriac Peschitta New Testament typeset PDF in various scripts: Serto | Estrangelo | Nestorian | Hebrew (EzraSIL) | Hebrew (SBL Hebrew)
  8. Syriac Peschitta New Testament pocket paperback in various scripts: Serto | Estrangelo | Nestorian
  9. Bohairic Coptic New Testament: PDF | Hardcover
  10. Sahidic Coptic New Testament: PDF | Hardcover | Paperback
  11. The Books of Enoch in Greek, English and Russian: PDF | Paperback
  12. The Critical Edition of the Greek Text of I Enoch (with apparatus of textual variants): PDF | Paperback
  13. Old Church Slavonic Old Testament optimized for 6" eInk devices (PDF)
  14. Синодальная Библия (Russian Synodal Bible): Hardcover | PDF
  15. Два Вавилона (Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop in Russian): PDF | Paperback
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Facsimile Editions

  1. The First Edition (1955) of The Urantia Book (Facsimile Edition, 1600dpi): PDF and DjVu | Paperback Vol 1 | Paperback Vol 2 | Paperback Vol 3
  2. Syriac-Latin Bible based on the Walton Polyglot
  3. Complutensian Polyglot 1514-1517: Vol 1: OT | Vol 2: NT
  4. Острожская Библия 1581 (Оstrog Bible): Vol 1: PDF | Vol 1: Paperback | Vol 2: PDF | Vol 2: Paperback