Some of the Articles, Books and Facsimile Editions published by Tigran Aivazian

Typeset Books

  1. The British Study Edition of the Urantia Papers: PDF | Source Code
  2. Classical Armenian Bible, ed. Dr H. Zohrabian, aka "The Zohrab Bible": eBay | Amazon | Lulu
  3. Linux Kernel 2.4 Internals, 2002
  4. King James Authorized 1611 Bible for Kindle and other 6" ereaders (PDF)
  5. Книга Урантии (перевод USGNY): том 1 | том 2 | FB2 (3.7MB) | Source Code
  6. Ануш Яврян, Стихотворения (2018-): Paperback | PDF
  7. Hebrew Bible Westminster Leningrad Codex optimized for 6" eInk devices (Kindle, Kobo, etc): PDF (Ezra SIL) | PDF (SBL Hebrew) | PDF (Tiqwah)
  8. Massoretico-Critical Edition of the Hebrew Bible by Dr. C.D. Ginsburg and T. Aivazian (PDF)
  9. Updated KJV (PDF)
  10. The New Testament in the Original Greek Byzantine Textform 2005: PDF for eInk | PDF | Paperback | Hardcover
  11. The New Testament in the Original Greek Byzantine Textform 2005 (alternative typesetting): PDF | Paperback
  12. "4 in 1" Greek NT: PDF | Paperback
  13. Syriac Peschitta New Testament typeset PDF in various scripts: Serto | Estrangelo | Nestorian (Eastern Syriac) | Hebrew (EzraSIL) | Hebrew (SBL Hebrew)
  14. Syriac Peschitta New Testament pocket paperback in various scripts: Serto | Estrangelo | Nestorian
  15. Bohairic Coptic New Testament: PDF
  16. Sahidic Coptic New Testament: PDF
  17. Hebrew New Testament (Delitzsch) for 6" and 7" eInk devices
  18. The Books of Enoch in Greek, English and Russian: PDF | Paperback
  19. The Critical Edition of the Greek Text of I Enoch (with apparatus of textual variants): PDF | Paperback
  20. Old Church Slavonic Old Testament optimized for 6" and 7" eInk devices (PDF)
  21. Spanish Bible Reina-Valera 1909 (PDF)
  22. Синодальная Библия (Russian Synodal Bible): Hardcover | PDF
  23. Два Вавилона (Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop in Russian): PDF | Paperback
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Facsimile Editions

  1. The First Edition (1955) of The Urantia Book (Facsimile Edition, 1600dpi) (PDF and DjVu)
  2. Syriac-Latin Bible based on the Walton Polyglot
  3. Complutensian Polyglot 1514-1517: Vol 1: OT | Vol 2: NT
  4. Nestle 1904 Greek New Testament (PDF)
  5. Bezae 1565 Greek-Latin New Testament (PDF)
  6. Bezae 1588 Greek-Latin New Testament (PDF)
  7. Bezae 1598 Greek-Latin New Testament (PDF)
  8. Bezae Latin New Testament, 1879 reprint (PDF)
  9. Erasmus 1516 Greek Latin New Testament
  10. Erasmus 1522 Greek-Latin New Testament: PDF | Paperback
  11. Hebrew Bible, TBS Edition by Dr Christian D. Ginsburg: DjVu (72477558 bytes)
  12. Hebrew Bible, BFBS Major Edition by Dr Christian D. Ginsburg: DjVu (97661822 bytes)
  13. The Massorah compiled from Manuscripts by Dr Christian D. Ginsburg: Vol I (DjVu) | Vol II (DjVu) | Vol III (DjVu) | Vol IV (DjVu)
  14. The Kabbalah, its Doctrines, Development and Literature, by Dr Christian D. Ginsburg
  15. The Essenes, their History and Doctrine, by Dr Christian D. Ginsburg
  16. The Moabite Stone; Facsimile, Translation and Commentary, by Dr Christian D. Ginsburg
  17. Translation and Commentary: The Song of Songs and Coheleth (2 in 1), by Dr Christian D. Ginsburg
  18. Coheleth, the new translation and commentary, by Dr C.D. Ginsburg: PDF | Paperback
  19. Cambridge Septuagint by H.B. Swete: Vol I (PDF) | Vol II (PDF) | Vol III (PDF)
  20. An Introduction to the Old Testament in Greek by H.B. Swete: PDF | Paperback
  21. Clavis Syriaca by Henry Whish: Grammatical analysis of the four Gospels in the Ancient Syriac Version of the New Testament called "Peshitto". Facsimile edition produced from the 1883 original: PDF | Paperback | Hardcover
  22. A Compendius Syriac Dictionary founded upon the Thesaurus Syriacus of R. Payne Smith, D.D. Edited by by J. Payne Smith (Mrs Margoliouth). Oxford, 1903: PDF | Paperback | Hardcover
  23. Thesaurus Syriacus by Payne Smith: Vol I (PDF) | Vol II (PDF) | Vol III (PDF) | Vol I (Hardcover) | Vol II (Hardcover) | Vol III (Hardcover) | Supplement (Hardcover)
  24. A Grammar Armenian and English by P.Aucher and Lord Byron: PDF | Paperback
  25. Острожская Библия 1581 (Оstrog Bible): Vol 1: PDF | Vol 1: Paperback | Vol 2: PDF | Vol 2: Paperback


  1. О роли подсознания (PDF, November 2021)
  2. Prayer and Worship (PDF, November 2019)
  3. Молитва и поклонение (PDF, November 2019)
  4. On the Meaning and Value of Music (PDF, September 2019)
  5. Covariant Nonlocal Statistical Mechanics (PDF), September 2018
  6. Quantum Mechanics in Kinematic Representation (PDF), October 2018
  7. Inverse Shell Theorem (PDF), April 2018
  8. Some Thoughts on the Urantia Paper 42 (PDF), March 2018
  9. Extended Hilbert Phase Space and Dissipative Quantum Systems (PDF), February 2017
  10. Truth resurrected (PDF), January 2012
  11. Воскрешение истины (PDF), January 2012
  12. The Volume of Antares, November 2012
  13. Geometrical Nature of Mass and The Fifth Dimension of Kaluza-Klein Theory (PDF), October 2000 (but the actual discovery was made back in 1992)
  14. The Higher Dimensions of Space (PDF), March 2012
  15. The Number of Inhabited Worlds in Our Solar System (PDF), April 2012
  16. Cosmological Solution to Einstein-Vlasov System, 1996
  17. On the link between Schroedinger and Vlasov Equations, 1996